THAT’S A WRAP : June 2019

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So June happened. I’ve been expecting this heat wave to finally break, but apart from a few overcast days that were uncomfortably muggy, my poor Welsh personage hasn’t had a chance to cool down. I’ve been demolishing as much ice cream as I can get my hands on which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve also remembered that the summer months mean pollen and pollen can only mean one thing: hay-fever. It’s no coincidence that I am a bookworm who prefers to bury myself under the covers, and while I thought it would be nice to take a book outside for a change, I have been reminded that I’m actually quite allergic to the outdoors. No lying in the grass to read for me.

It’s not all bad news though, I’ve managed to read some pretty good books this month! Continue reading “THAT’S A WRAP : June 2019”