REVIEW: The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Francis-White



Like with any new thing that emerged anytime after 2010, I wasn’t immediately taken with podcasts. In fact, I think it’s only in the last month or so, or if I’ve being honest, the last few days, that I’ve become a podcast convert. Naturally that means I have been gorging obsessively on The High Low and The Guilt Feminist.

What I love about The Guilty Feminist, is that it acknowledges a fear that a lot of us have when we take up the mantle of ‘feminist’. When we start to describe ourselves as feminists, we sometimes worry that we might be unworthy, that the sisterhood will find us lacking and cast us out like the frauds we are. Being a feminist does mean taking on certain responsibilities and doing our bit to fight inequality, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make mistakes.

The Guilty Feminist offers listeners to be a feminist BUT… You can be a feminist but imperfect, not always know that answers, and have fantasies about Donald Draper. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you must know everything, but that you’re prepared to listen and learn.

So when it came to the monthly agony of picking my next Audible listen (I never thought I was stingy or possessive until I had my first Audible credit), I found it wasn’t a hard choice. The Guilty Feminist book brings together all the things I loved about the podcast. It’s a book filled with Deborah Frances-White’s warmth and wit, interviews with extraordinary women, advice on how to practise feminism in your life, and be open to recognising the privilege you have. From romcoms, to poor old Bob (read to find out), from historical heroines, to empowering weddings, from taking up space, to the power of yes and no, The Guilty Feminist is an invaluable introduction to contemporary feminism  and how we can utilise it to raise each other up, open doors that are closed to others and fight the patriarchy.

I will undoubtedly be listening to this audiobook again and again to mine it’s nuggets of wisdom because to me this book is pure gold.

Rating: 5/5

Author: Nicole @whatadifferenceawordmakes

Book-lover, tea enthusiast and MA student

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