BOOKISH BITES: Veggie Fajitas



This may be the first time I’ve blogged about a Bookish Bite that wasn’t baking related, but don’t be alarmed! These veggie fajitas are so good that I had to share them. They may not come in cookie form but they are just as good! I found the recipe on my old friend BBC Good Food and I’ve made them so many time that I don’t even bother to read the recipe anymore. I have it ingrained in my head somewhere between Stephen Chbosky quotes and random dates from history that I know should be important but I can’t quite recall their significance. I usually add a bag of Quorn chicken style pieces just to add some protein and tonnes of cheese. They are perfect for dinner and you can add any fajita sauce you fancy. I’m a delicate individual but I image they’re just as good with an extra spicy kick to them.

I’m half-tempted to make some right now…