Does anyone remember that self-inflicted book ban I imposed a few months ago? No? Probably not- I put very little effort into staying away from the book stores. Over the last few weeks I’ve come to the decision to embrace my book-buying nature. There are worse things to be addicted to, and I honestly don’t buy financially crippling amounts of paperbacks, so I’m probably not hurting my back account too much. Right?

So I went on a shopping trip to buy some much needed clothes last week, and then came back without any. But I did find some new teas in TK Maxx to try out and two books. They may not have been essential, but they definitely made the torturous journey into town feel worthwhile. I’m also a tea-hoarder. I have several hundred loose leaf tins all waiting to be drunk. Anyway, here are the books I bought:

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

I have been coveting this book for a while now, particularly after reading The Girls. I’ve been enjoying reading more complex female characters recently,  more complex characters in general really. There’s something about a character you can have a conflicted relationship with. It makes a story so much more interesting to read.  I’m looking forward to peeking behind the wallpaper and uncovering the family’s secrets.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

I felt like I couldn’t really walk past this book without picking it up. The blogging community has so much love for this book, there are so many strong reviews. Its a story that is so relevant to current issues and has encouraged people to talk about what’s going on in the world. I think any book that can do that is worth reading.


Bought any books recently? On a self-imposed book ban, or failing in your book banning?

BOOKISH BITES: Tea Treasures


Oh no, more tea. I could pretend to be repentant but I’m really not. I got this eclectic mix of teas from two separate TK Maxx stores on the same day for bargain prices. So everyone knows, I didn’t go on some wild search for tea. It just happened, which might sound like the reasoning of an addict, but is actually true. Anyway here are the teas I picked out:

  1. High Ground Kenyan Loose Leaf by Williamson Tea
  2. Classic Ayurvedic Spice Infusion by Yogi Tea
  3. Natursan Alla Vaniglia (vanilla) by La Via Del Te

I am particularly excited about the Kenyan tea. I’ve wanted a Williamson elephant tea caddy for so long and I’ve been looking to try some Kenyan tea for a while too so this will tide me over until I get my hands on the elephant! I’ve tried the Yogi tea already and it’s so good. It has an amazing kick of cardamom that perks you up. Each teabag also has a little mindfulness quote on the label which was a nice surprise. I can’t wait to get into the rest!

MISC: Summer Arts Market

DSC_1210 (2)DSC_1403

The Summer Arts Market is held at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool, a really beautiful building opposite the Walker Gallery and Central Library (two other beautiful buildings). The event is organised by Open Culture, who also host a Christmas Arts Market as well, in support of local artists and makers. I went along to the arts market in December and got a collection of wooden coasters printed with otters in teacups, polar bears drinking champagne and foxes in waistcoats.

I might have a slight obsession with illustrated animals, particularly the woodland variety. And coasters. Anyway, I went along to the Summer Arts Market on 26th June. It seemed a lot bigger than the Christmas market. I think I floated around in art-induced joy a few times before I actually had the attention span needed to really appreciate what was on offer. Continue reading “MISC: Summer Arts Market”




I have been happily making my way through Whittard’s Spiced Imperial loose leaf tea recently. I’ve collected quite a selection over the last few months, but like all addicts when something new comes along it doesn’t matter how many tea bags or leaves you have stuffed away in the cupboard- you have to buy them. I went to Chesire Oaks with the foolish expectation that I wouldn’t end up spending any money, only to discover they have a Whittard store. Not only that, but they had a selection of their Easter and Valentine’s themed teas and treats on sale. I wasn’t strong enough to resist. The White Chocolate tea comes in a bright geometric caddy and although I haven’t tried it yet, I have to say it smells heavenly.

I tried to resist buying the tote bag, successfully made it out of the shop and then before we left the car park my resolve crumbled and I ran back to buy it. Still, it will be handy for collecting more tea-related treats!


DSC_1081 (2)

Lark Lane has become one of my favourite haunts around Liverpool. I haven’t spent enough time there frankly, but then if I could I would probably spend the majority of my week traipsing around all the lovely eateries and do nothing else. My waistline wouldn’t thank me and neither would my workload! My sister and I visited a few weeks ago and noticed that Alison Appleton had opened a new Tea House on the street and (after popping next door and splurging on a scarf which would be any textile enthusiasts dream and an essential new purse, oops) we decided to pop in.

Continue reading “READING PLACES: Tea House”

BOOKISH BITES: William Whistle Toffee Nut Rooibos

DSC_1085DSC_1162 (2).JPG

Who can resist a gentleman brandishing a walking stick and riding an elephant? I certainly can’t. I’m becoming a bit of a tea collector. I picked up this brew from Utility on Bold Street. I’m particularly excited to try these tea bags. They sound mouth-watering!

BOOKISH BITES: Easter Treats




Here’s a bonus post today as an Easter treat! I got to spend the weekend at home, getting reacquainted with my old book collections, drinking a nice cider in a beer garden and doing an Easter egg hunt. You’re never too old to run around the kitchen, collecting a trail of mini eggs (if you ask me). What I wasn’t expecting was the delights at the end of my hunt. My mother knows me too well. She bought me a lovely iron infuser tea pot giving all my loose leaf teas the perfect place to brew. Not only that, I got some exotic teas from Whittards of Chelsea which I’m so excited to try this spring.


I hope you all had an equally enjoyable Easter weekend!!


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DSC_1085DSC_1120 (2).JPG

Leaf has become one of my favourite places in Liverpool. They have great food, cosy nooks, fresh bakes, but most importantly they have a selection of teas that will make the most stalwart tea-lover weep. Black tea, white tea, herbal, oolong, rooibos. They literally have it all and more. There glass infuser tea pots are also on the top of my wish list, right now.

What’s great is that they also sell the tea leaves in tins or sample packs so you can take them home with you. I picked up a couple of samples to try at my leisure. I’ll probably end up splurging on more!

BOOKISH BITES: Darjeeling & Assam


If you’re going to read a good book then you need a good cuppa too!  I found myself teabag-less (a state no one should have to be in) one morning and had to dip into my sister’s box of Earl Grey. In truth, my intention was to get some English Breakfast, but these fancy Tesco teas have the cutest designs on their boxes and they are pretty tasty too!

I have to say though, although the Darjeeling has a lovely subtle flavour, Assam will always be my No.1, but both are perfect for a night curled up on the sofa!