BOOKISH FINDS: Poetic Potential



Poetry can seem intimidating. It does to me, and even though I’ve dipped my toe in poetic waters there’s still things I don’t understand. There are some poems I love and just as many that I don’t but I think it’s important to at least try it because once you find a poet you love it’s a whole different experience. Here are four different poetry collections I’ve enjoyed and what I’ve learned from them as a budding poet: Continue reading “BOOKISH FINDS: Poetic Potential”

BOOKISH FINDS: Poetry Prompts



I’ve probably mentioned this a hundred times already, but I’ve been attempting to broaden my creative repertoire by writing poetry. This is almost as daunting to me as writing a novel. To put it plainly, I find poetry overwhelming- there are so many things to consider in a poem: form, rhyme, rhythm. I didn’t know prose poetry existed until a few months ago. I wrote four poems blindly and although they weren’t the catastrophic disasters I was anticpating it felt a little like trying to ride a bike before putting the stabilisers on. So, I got out some books on writing poetry to help me on my way.

I’ve already read through Glyn Maxwell’s On Poetry once and was surprised by how easily I followed it, and how engrossed I became. His ideas on the blackness and whiteness of a poem really made me think about how form influences a poem, and how a poem can be just as much about what is unsaid. I’ll definitely be reading through it again! I just started reading Peter Sansom’s Writing Poetry and guess what? I’m also enjoy this one as well! Both writers have an intoxicating sense of humour that makes reading each feel more like a conversation than a lecture and while I might not understand everything they talk about, I feel like I’m starting to pedal in the right direction.