That’s A Wrap – January 2018

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I think we should all politely ignore the fact that this January wrap up is coming in the middle of February. Nothing to see here… it’s become a running joke in work that I am terrible at dates, and I keep trying to fervently convince people that it never used to be a problem, but well here’s Exhibit Z. I’m awful. It’s getting a bit embarrassing really.

Anyway January and the start of February have been busy, and exciting. I did a lot of things. I’m going to be mysteriously and irritatingly vague about it. Continue reading “That’s A Wrap – January 2018”

REVIEW: Holding by Graham Norton


In Holding, the quiet village of Duneen in Ireland is disturbed by the discovery of human remains on a development site. The residents are convinced it’s all that’s left of Tommy Burke, a young man who disappeared years before, but at the time he went missing witnesses had seen him getting on a bus to London. What made him come back and who killed him? For Sergeant PJ Collins, it’s his first real case and his first opportunity to prove his worth, but he seems ill-equipped to deal with a serious crime and the arrival of a city detective means he might not get the chance. Continue reading “REVIEW: Holding by Graham Norton”

WWW WEDNESDAY: 10th January 2018

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WWW is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Each Wednesday book enthusiasts share their reads by answering three questions:

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

It’s been a while again. Christmas didn’t turn out to be the productive reading fest I thought it would be but never mind, a new year awaits! Continue reading “WWW WEDNESDAY: 10th January 2018”