My To Be Read pile has spiralled out of control. Over the past few months its evolved into a tower. You could probably use it to build the foundations of a small house.There’s something infinitely exciting about buying a new book and the eperiences you’ll have reading it. Since starting the blog I’ve definitely become more addicted to that feeling, and even though I try to curb my spending by using the glorious, glorious library sometimes I slip up (a lot). So, my aim for the final two months of the year is to make my way through this pile and make it smaller. If I can get it into single figures I will be immensely happy.

I should probably start with the short story collections first- Multitudes by Lucy Caldwell, We Don’t Know What We’re Doing by Thomas Morris and Spoiled Brats by Simon Rich- because I haven’t read any short stories in a while and they really do help to spur on my own short story collection. But I might have to sneak Jane Eyre in somewhere because I’ve been saving it as a winter read.

Does anyone else have a mountainous TBR pile?

BOOKISH FINDS: The Waiting Game




I think we all know the drill by now: I enforced a strict no book buying rule on myself because its become an addiction and then argued to myself that it didn’t really count if they were from a charity shop because they were a bargain. In my defence, I probably wouldn’t have even gone into the shop if my friend hadn’t been late to lunch. So this one’s entirely on her (thank you for being late, thank you, thank you).

It turns out waiting for a friend can lead you to surprising discoveries. Here’s what I picked up: Continue reading “BOOKISH FINDS: The Waiting Game”