It may sound bizarre, but a Wet Nelly is a traditional Liverpuddlian bread & butter pudding style bake. Having said that, when I presented it to my mostly Liverpuddlian course mates they seemed bemused, so who knows really? Maybe it’s not as popular as it once was. I got the recipe from the National Trust website, and I have to say it is a particularly tasty dish, especially served warm with a dollop of ice cream!

BOOKISH BITES: William Whistle Toffee Nut Rooibos

DSC_1085DSC_1162 (2).JPG

Who can resist a gentleman brandishing a walking stick and riding an elephant? I certainly can’t. I’m becoming a bit of a tea collector. I picked up this brew from Utility on Bold Street. I’m particularly excited to try these tea bags. They sound mouth-watering!

BOOKISH BITES: Easter Treats




Here’s a bonus post today as an Easter treat! I got to spend the weekend at home, getting reacquainted with my old book collections, drinking a nice cider in a beer garden and doing an Easter egg hunt. You’re never too old to run around the kitchen, collecting a trail of mini eggs (if you ask me). What I wasn’t expecting was the delights at the end of my hunt. My mother knows me too well. She bought me a lovely iron infuser tea pot giving all my loose leaf teas the perfect place to brew. Not only that, I got some exotic teas from Whittards of Chelsea which I’m so excited to try this spring.


I hope you all had an equally enjoyable Easter weekend!!


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Leaf has become one of my favourite places in Liverpool. They have great food, cosy nooks, fresh bakes, but most importantly they have a selection of teas that will make the most stalwart tea-lover weep. Black tea, white tea, herbal, oolong, rooibos. They literally have it all and more. There glass infuser tea pots are also on the top of my wish list, right now.

What’s great is that they also sell the tea leaves in tins or sample packs so you can take them home with you. I picked up a couple of samples to try at my leisure. I’ll probably end up splurging on more!

BOOKISH BITES: Darjeeling & Assam


If you’re going to read a good book then you need a good cuppa too!  I found myself teabag-less (a state no one should have to be in) one morning and had to dip into my sister’s box of Earl Grey. In truth, my intention was to get some English Breakfast, but these fancy Tesco teas have the cutest designs on their boxes and they are pretty tasty too!

I have to say though, although the Darjeeling has a lovely subtle flavour, Assam will always be my No.1, but both are perfect for a night curled up on the sofa!