Review: Heartstopper Volume 1 by Alice Oseman



I haven’t read that many graphic novels, which on reflection seems ridiculous, as a person who loves the way that art and images can tell stories. Through most of my last year of university I was pretty obsessed with photographs. I was an art student who wrote on the side. So I’m glad I read the first volume of Heartstopper, because it reminded me of how much a picture can say. Continue reading “Review: Heartstopper Volume 1 by Alice Oseman”

REVIEW: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

dsc_1074-2dsc_0172Being a teenager is never easy, especially when you’re on the verge of leaving school. The future Frances Javier has been working towards is hurtling towards her quicker than she expected, and she hasn’t had a moment to think if it’s still the future she wants. Her best friend, Carys, went missing months ago, the only person she could be herself around, and she might have pushed her away. The only time she feels relaxed is when she listens to Universe City, a YouTube podcast made by a person known as the Creator.  Frances secretly posts her fan art online, but when the Creator takes interest in her drawings, she finds a friend in someone unexpected. Continue reading “REVIEW: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman”

WWW WEDNESDAYS: 1st February 2017

How is it February already? Where did January go? I’m slightl scared by the speed 2017 is trying to go at. I had a little bit of a reading slump this week (more a slump in general) but I managed to finish at least one book. Hurray!

WWW is hosted by Taking on the World of Words. Each Wednesday book enthusiasts share their read by answering three questions:


The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next? Continue reading “WWW WEDNESDAYS: 1st February 2017”

BOOKISH FINDS: Borrowed Books


dsc_01531I’m not even pretending that my book-relate impulses can be controlled any more. I’m always going to be excitedly fumbling for the next book I can get my hands on, regardless of my TBR pile and it’s embarrasing size. ‘Don’t you have, like, a stack of books under your bed that you haven’t read yet?‘ I was asked when I came home from the library a few days ago. Yes, I do, but I didn’t have these books. I like knowing that my TBR pile is there, waiting to be read when I’m ready. At least if I’m borrowing books then I’m not splurging too much. Continue reading “BOOKISH FINDS: Borrowed Books”