REVIEW: A Gathering of Shadows by V E Schwab

EtheringtonHeaders-ReviewsDSC_0952It’s been four months since Lila Bard left Red London, four months since Athos and Astrid Dane’s fall, four months since a terrible dark magic threatened to consume a city, but life hasn’t reverted to normal for Kell. If anything it’s like the calm before the storm. He is restless but the walls are closing in around him. Now more than ever he feels like the property of the Arnesian crown and the awe of the citizens has been replaced by fear and distrust.

He’s always felt the responsibility of protecting his brother, Rhy, but now that their lives are inextricably linked the weight of it threatens to crush him. He needs some way to channel his emotions and the growing force of magic, and Rhy has orchestrated the perfect scenario to do just that. Continue reading “REVIEW: A Gathering of Shadows by V E Schwab”