REVIEW: The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson


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it’s like the jigsaw pieces that have been floating around in my head for the last couple of months have suddenly slotted together to form a picture.”

Lisa Williamson, The Art of Being Normal (2015)

The Art of Being Normal is a Young Adult book that addresses many difficult topics: identity, family, class, prejudice, friendship, ignorance and love. They are issues we struggle to deal with as adults, when we think we have everything figured out, but for a teenager who is just becoming aware of the world they are particularly terrifying.

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BOOKISH FINDS: Surprise Post

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My father rung me a couple of weeks ago and was more cryptic than usual. He told me there was a package being delivered to my house sometime in the week that was a gift for me. He wouldn’t say what.

A couple of days later The Heart is a Lonely Hunter appeared through my letterbox. I haven’t read any of Carson McCullers work, but the book’s premise – a lonely deaf-mute  who becomes a confidante to the people around him- interests me. It was McCullers debut novel, published when she was just 23, a year older than me which as an aspiring writer is an inspiring story. It’s definitely going straight onto my To Read list!

BOOKISH BITES: William Whistle Toffee Nut Rooibos

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Who can resist a gentleman brandishing a walking stick and riding an elephant? I certainly can’t. I’m becoming a bit of a tea collector. I picked up this brew from Utility on Bold Street. I’m particularly excited to try these tea bags. They sound mouth-watering!


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Sweet Pea Cafe is a cosy little find situated in West Kirby. They offer a range of sweet and savoury pancakes as well as other delicious delights. I visited on a lovely sunny day, and along with the mandatory cuppa, I had a delicious brie and bacon open sandwich, which was heavenly.

If you need to walk off your feast its only a short distance to the waterfront. It’s so peaceful there you might be tempted to visit anyway!

BOOKISH BITES: Easter Treats




Here’s a bonus post today as an Easter treat! I got to spend the weekend at home, getting reacquainted with my old book collections, drinking a nice cider in a beer garden and doing an Easter egg hunt. You’re never too old to run around the kitchen, collecting a trail of mini eggs (if you ask me). What I wasn’t expecting was the delights at the end of my hunt. My mother knows me too well. She bought me a lovely iron infuser tea pot giving all my loose leaf teas the perfect place to brew. Not only that, I got some exotic teas from Whittards of Chelsea which I’m so excited to try this spring.


I hope you all had an equally enjoyable Easter weekend!!


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