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DSC_1059I do a lot of my reading on the commute to work these days. Working in London, it’s easy to get pulled into the manic rush, to squeeze yourself onto trains, race to catch connections, run to catch a bus. More than once I’ve been swept up in the panic of missing a train but I try to remind myself it’s not wasted time. It’s more time I can spend reading and that can’t be a bad thing. On Monday I got caught out, reading the last ten pages of Sarah Perry’s After Me Comes The Flood at lunchtime and I didn’t want to head home without anything to read, so I headed down to Waterstones to pick up a few books. Ignoring the fact that currently I work in an office filled with books, because I am in serious denial about my book buying.

Release by Patrick Ness

Having read two other Ness books I feel like this is a safe bet. I really enjoy his writing style and his characters are vibrant and compelling. Plus he knows how to keep you reading. There are cliffhangers at the end of almost every chapter. I’m already pretty far in.

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. There’s been such a great buzz around it and so many strong debuts this year that I had to pick up a copy for myself. I can’t see it going unread for long.

What books have you bought this week?

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Book-lover, tea enthusiast and MA student

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