MISC: Taking on a Kindle



I haven’t been the most active on the blog recently, I’ve got a few posts scheduled, but I haven’t been leaving as many comments or actually been doing as much reading. The thing is, moving and starting a new job do take some adjusting, and while I’m having an absolute blast, I haven’t quite settled into a new routine yet. Literally everything about my day has completely changed and moving to the big(ger) city has already led to a lot of new and exciting experiences.

I’ve done my first commute to work and my first day in an office. I’ve gone for my first drink in Soho and gone to watch a panel show being filmed. But on a more bookish topic I did something that I didn’t think I’d ever do: I read a book on a Kindle.

Physical books have always been non-negotiable to me. I love the smell of a new book. I love the weight of it in your hands. I love the beautiful production, the thoughtful covers. I love that a book can be an object, something you can attach a memory to. E-books have never felt the same, but in the spirit of embracing new things I took the plunge.

The pros:

– You can add books easily to a Kindle. Almost too easily, and it’s oddly addictive to put books on the library even when you have a million on there already
– You can change the font size, which is super handy, especially for people like my grandmother who struggle to read from smaller font sizes
-It’s light, which sounds obvious because it is. But I hadn’t realised how much extra weight I’ve been dragging around with me until the Kindle!
-You can get it out anywhere. It’s weirdly easier to stand on the platform or in the carriage holding a Kindle than a book

The cons:

-the percentage bar which had initially seemed liked a plus is actually really distracting, and for someone like me who is competitive getting to 100% became quiet a big deal. I missed the page numbers
-I felt like I got distracted more easily, like I was paying attention to the words as much. Reading from a physical book definitely felt more immersive.
-It’s not a book

Although I definitely see why you would want this nifty device, for me a book is still better even if it is heavy to slug around in your bag!

Author: Nicole @whatadifferenceawordmakes

Book-lover, tea enthusiast and MA student

One thought on “MISC: Taking on a Kindle”

  1. I completely get your remark on the percentage!
    It’s even worse if you change it to see how LONG you have left to read in a certain book because then I want to prove the darn Kindle that I can do it faster. Which makes me enjoy the story less and.. ugh. Most of the time I try to remember to make sure I don’t see the percentage of reading time left; just having it blank. :’)


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