MISC: 5 Bad Reading Habits


We all have bad habits. I have a collection of mugs by my bed most of the time, and no matter how many times I put my clothes away my bed always ends up turning into an open plan wardrobe. I’m a little messy by nature and that’s hard to change. Reading is no different. When I’m absorbed in a book I tend to be a little careless with it, and sometimes my appetite gets the better of me. I’m sure other bookworms might share with me in that one. It’s the burden of all bookworms to have eye-watering TBR piles.

Forgetting to use a bookmark

I go through phases where I use bookmarks. These usually coincide with the times when my clothes are where they should be and I don’t have a mug obstacle course on the floor. It is very rarely known to happen. It makes picking up where I left off incredibly hard unless I stop at the end of each chapter. Which is why it’s so frustrating that I keep forgetting to use one!

Buying more books

I can’t be the only one who’s terrible for doing this. I have about thirty books sitting on my shelves and it’s like I completely forget about them the minute I step into a bookshop, or a charity shop. I love a bargain so there’s nothing worse than a bright shiny red discount sticker. My self-control is barely existent.

DSC_0637Breaking spines

I try to do this as little as possible, because every time I do, I hear the souls of a thousand authors screaming. But I’m human, and sometimes my bookmark-less self is weak and careless.

Morning reading

Reading in the morning isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But for me it can be a bit of a problem. Mornings are my key reading times. I like curling up in bed with a cuppa and devour a few chapters. Mornings are also when I’m most productive, and when I get carried away with a book it can eat up a lot of my time. And then I get nothing done. It’s just hard to stop myself from starting my day with a book.

Leaving books in my bag

I did this once with a book and a bottle of water. And the water leaked. It was honestly one of the most heart-sinking moments. 500ml of water absorbed into one poor paperback. Putting books in my bag is always a risk, but it’s sort of hard not to when you want to read constantly!

What are your bad habits? Are you as bad with bookmarks as I am?

Author: Nicole @whatadifferenceawordmakes

Book-lover, tea enthusiast and MA student

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