WWW Wednesdays: 8th March 2017

I feel like this week was a bit more productive for me in terms of reading. For the first time in a while I managed to finish two books and they were both pretty great!

WWW is hosted by Taking on the World of Words. Each Wednesday book enthusiasts share their reads by answering three questions:


The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?dsc_02081

I’m still edging my way through Celia Blue Johnson’s Dancing with Mrs. Dalloway. I’ve just been dabbling in it reading a couple of pages at a time. Because it’s a compilation of stories of how writer’s came to create their greatest works of fiction, I don’t want to read too many in one sitting or I feel like they’ll all just blur into one.

dsc_02001I am also going to include The Girls by Emma Cline here, because I’m about two seconds away from opening the book.

What did you recently finish reading? dsc_0212

I finished Diana Athill’s Stet: An Editor’s Life last night. The memoirs focus on her life as a publisher and the writers who defined that period. I found Athill’s honesty about her own nature and the reality of working as a publisher so enchanting. In the second part of the book, where she discusses the authors who had the greatest impact on her career, she mentions how charming Molly Keane was, but Athill charmed me.

dsc_0183I also finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Although after having it for such a long time, peaking forlornly out from the under my bed, I built up an idea of the book that was completely wrong. But that actually turned out to be a nice surprise.

What do you think you’ll read next?DSC_02161

I started going through my Goodreads tbr last week as part of Down the TBR Hole, and Room was one of the first five books I added to the list. Then I remembered that it was also one of the books I had bought and hidden under my bed. I actually had to do a bit of manoeuvring to get at it.


What are you reading this week?

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