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At Ziferblat time is literally money but nothing else is. I’ve wanted an excuse to slip in for a while and today it seemed like the perfect place to unwind after an interview this morning. Ziferblat home is Liverpool’s Albert Docks, a port in the storm for gallery visitors, tourists, shoppers or someone simply looking for a good place to curl up with a book.

For 8p a minute, you have access to a cosy sitting room filled with miss-matched furniture, boardgames, a beautiful record-player and as many hot drinks or snacks as you want. I picked a snuggly armchair, tucked in against a bookshelf and settled in to finish the last forty pages of Brideshead Revisited with a cup of Assam and a selection of home-made cakes (the ginger cake was particularly good).

As someone who doesn’t often venture out alone to cafes and restaraunts, I was surprised by how relaxed I felt in such a short space of time. There were other customers dotted around but they were all immersed in their own conversations and activites. I think the help-yourself model relieves some of the stress and self-awareness that other cafes have. You’re not grappling for the attention of a waitress or feeling guilty that you’re still there long after you’ve finished your drink. It’s a place where your encouraged to spend your time however you want.

They have a great loyalty card scheme which, once completed, gives you access to a free hour at Ziferblat and they have a cap on 4 hours, so you can spend the day there should you so chose.

I can see myself happily losing the hours here in the future.



Author: Nicole @whatadifferenceawordmakes

Book-lover, tea enthusiast and MA student

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